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Connie D'Angelo


Growing up as a child I always had the desire to create using some sort of Arts and craft form. My parents came from Italy with nothing really, so food and a roof over our heads came first. So we never really had toys or dolls, our mind was our tools :) we created anything out of boxes and rope. But as soon as my parents were able to afford it, I was given my first box of oil paints.

Sketching painting or sculpting in mud clays, art was always a part of my life, I mostly did it for my own pleasure and the occasional commissions as I got in to my twenties.
Oil paintings and canvas was always my first passion...that is, till the day I came across that big old clump of mud clay.

Back in 2000, I became interested in trying out polymer clays, and that was thanks to a wonderful and very talented woman by the name of Julie Mansergh aka FITA. Seeing her tiny fairies drew me in, and so I started creating  smaller pieces, using polymer clay. With just a small amount of clay, I was able to turn it into something so beautiful.   
I love sculpting with feelings and emotions, I tend to sculpt my them right into my piece. And been told many of times that every piece I've created cries out a story.

Lately my passion and direction is to create that eerie and beautiful doll, that when you look at her you fall enchanted.
Like my collectors have always told me, that when they see my work it is as If.. . They can breath :) If that's the case I think I've done my job.




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