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Barbara Kee



A teacher introduced me to modeling clay in the first grade and I have sculpted ever since. I attended art school as a young woman and served two apprenticeships to working artists in my youth. I have worked in many mediums. Polymer is a recent discovery and I love it so much for the freedom it offers.

I spent most of my life, primarily as an Equine sculptor and greatly admire antique carousel art. I had dabbled in sculpting the human form and had even produced fantasy female warriors for a game maker early in my career. But it was in 2010 that I began making human figures in polymer. Now, I am obsessed with making them as strong and lifelike as possible.

I must say that nothing, and everything, has prepared me for OOAK sculpting. Certainly, a background in art has helped. But I find that everyday experiences have been remarkable tools for me in this medium. Everything from sewing to soldering to woodworking comes into play when you are creating lifelike figures from start to finish.

But the most important element is desire. I will not live long enough to create all the characters in my mind who want to come into this world.





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