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Tatiana Tofaneto

Tatiana Tofaneto


I am proud to say I am the first brazilian doll artist to have been recognized and well accepted in other countries. When I started creating dolls in 2005 I was the only one in my country and it was difficult to learn by myself. But my passion for dolls never let me give up! I started creating miniature polymer clay fairies and sold all of them to many collectors around the world.

During this time my work has been published many times in doll magazines.

After two years I began sculpting I won ProSculpt Award, first place in professional category, which made me and my family so proud and gave me a lot of confidence to go on. Three years later I was teaching people in my country how to sculpt dolls in polymer clay. At the same time I gave a big step in my doll making career creating my own line of porcelain ball jointed dolls. Today the focus of my work is creating porcelain BJDs.

I have recently won an important award for two of my porcelain dolls: Dolls Awards of Excellence, Industry choice 2013.







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