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James Marsano, un artista incredibile!

Proveniente da una formazione (sempre in corso) di altissimo livello, James Marsano è ricco di conoscenze nel campo della modellazione tridimensionale, passando da quella di tipo virtuale (computerizzata) a quella della scultura vera e propria in pasta polimerica. Felicissima la sua mano anche con la matita. Il perfetto percorso di uno scultore!!

I suoi soggetti sono spesso ispirati al mondo fantasy, il suo "habitat naturale", che alimenta la sua fantasia creativa, quella che appartiene al magico mondo delle animazioni, effetti speciali e film di fantascienza.

Giovanissimo, vanta opere spettacolari, un bagaglio di grande rispetto.





James is a concept sculptor/ character artist based in LA, currently attending Gnomon school of visual effects to learn the tools of 3D. He is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia he has drawn his whole life since he was a boy. grew up playing action figures and comics, got him into studying the classical sculptures which often draws him into looking at forms, gestures and anatomy.

I grew up in indonesia, for 16 years.. my mom gave me this george bridgman book and i studied it, i fell in love with the form and the shape of the human anatomy.

In 2008 my mom brought me to the united states, that year really changed my life, we moved to Los angeles, california. thats where the heart of entertainment. i began to study more art in high school. I didn't know english back then, but since my mother had thought me a little bit of english, it really helped me with my education. i have always loved drawing marvel characters, to me it's my number #1 reason of why i want to continue making art, (i would love to work on one of their future movies.)

So after high school, i went to a community college, where i studied several fine art classes, which covers the basic fundamental , (more like abstract and observational, nothing fantastical or something we see today on facebook feed) so it was a start for me. i did know that it wasn't my thing, but then i began to realise if i dont start then, i would never know these form/ shape language that i see today. it really taught me seeing things in a classical way. learning from the basic primitive form, proportion, to colors, on the second half of the year in the commmunity college, i began my first life drawing sessions, took the class, loved it. (ive always drawn to love the human figure, they fascinate me.) at that moment, i knew i was going to do a lot more with it since my skill was growing. i tried every little medium and sculpt on my own at the same time. this was in 2010.

So one day my friend from high school gave me a phone call and he talked about this 3D school , Gnomon school of visual effects, on the first year it was all traditional classes for me, we had to take life drawing and a lot of hand practice to hone in the shape and form language (that includes all 3 sculpting classes with this bronze artist : john brown, he is classically trained, i got most of my experience and learned a lot from him ) so then when we actually get into learning the 3D programs we dont have to be struggling with whats good in terms of design.

I am in my 2nd year now. getting into the hard part of the school. no traditional classes at all, but we use what we had to learn from the first year and apply it to our 3D classes.

In my spare time i do my personal work mostly in clay. i love to paint and draw as well. i feel that when you get into 3D its hard to do the things you used to love because of the lack of time. but traditional skills are something i should not and cannot abandon. it will stay within its purpose whatever path i choose whether its digital 3D or traditional.

I think the key into success is to always stay creatively hungry no matter what you do. there will always be someone that is amazing at what they do and they will keep on learning, and stay ahead of the game. in the film or game industry, competition is very high, i learned that myself from my mentors in gnomon which most of them are working proffesionals in the film/game industry.


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